Friday, 7 September 2018

Science Experiment with Mentos and Coke

As a follow-up to Science in a Van we tried one experiment. Mrs Michael's and Mrs Zhu assisted whilst Mrs Dijkstra took photos. It was a bit windy and in our second attempt it blew in the direction of Mrs Michael's. Mrs Dijkstra had a gadget called a geyser tube which helped funnel the force.
The reaction happened very quickly and was very exciting. We watched an explanation on YouTube to help us understand how and why the reaction happened.

Science In a Van

Last Monday we went to the hall to see Science in a Van. It was all about forces like push, pull, friction and gravity. It began with an optical illusion, followed by Miss Fullard seating on a bed of nails and ended with their version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. They were very funny and made science every day.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Eventful week - Part 2

As part of the ASB Getwise program Captain Cash visited our room to talk about the difference between Wants and Needs and the importance of Save some, Spend some and Share some of our money. He kindly left us a wristband each. He was so funny and had a memorable message.

 The Father's Day breakfast was special and looked yummy! A big thanks to the PTA!

It was Daffodil Day also today, here are all the coins and notes we collected. Thank-you for your generosity.

An Eventful Week - Part 1

Last week in Koru Assembly we performed three Elastic Skipping Rhymes. A big thank-you to Amelia, Tianlu and Annie for taking the time to make elastics using loom bands. This has been a very popular thing to do in our room.

Mrs Jing and Mrs Kirke and Annie are all working together to problem solve how to best use the function line to program Cubetto.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

TIP chart about Inventions

This is our second attempt at a TIP chart.
As part of our learning about Inventions we made a list of inventions that were invented to transport a person or persons. We then used a TIP chart to record in more detail what or how they were used.  Great thinking and teamwork Room 24!


TIP charts

This was our first attempt at a TIP chart. Firstly we draw a bike and labelled it's parts.
After that with a buddy and a felt pen and a large piece of newsprint, divided into three columns, we choose a bike part and recorded what it is used for and then illustrated that part.
Our next step was to use this chart to help us write a description of a bike describing the parts and their purpose. We now hope to publish them on the iPad using Book Creator.
A fabulous first attempt Room 24! Too Clever thought Mrs Dijkstra and especially using technical language like tread, spokes and gears.

TIP Chart



Bike Part

What it is used for?

Eg: seat

So you can sit down to ride

Saturday, 18 August 2018

2018 Math's Week

Room 24 loved Math's Week. Each day we went onto the website and played Daily Dollar and Math's Millionaire. We were very close at guessing how many lollies there were in Mrs Madden's jars.
Below we are playing Dots and Boxes - a fun game which challenged us to think about strategy. 

Mrs Dijkstra read us the picture book "Each Orange has 8 Slices" Each page posed a mathematical problem which we tried to solve. We talked about what strategy we might use.