Friday, 9 November 2018

Science Experiments

This week we carried out a few science experiments. These are the ones we did in our class.
We experimented with Static Electricity. A big thank-you to Mrs Cammell for lending us the PVC pipes. We also looked at Optical Illusions, viewing some on line and then seeing if we could get the fish in the bowl and the bird in the cage. Lastly we made Sherbet so we could see another chemical reaction. We discussed what we see, think, and wonder. Lastly we commented on the taste and viewed on line how sherbet works. Science was fun.


Jayan wore an amazing Traditional costume to school as part of our school wide Diwali celebration. He looked very smart and the costume was very special with gold and red colours and the style, fabric and design was absolutely beautiful.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Keeping our Houses warm and Dry.

As part of our Inquiry at the end of last term we designed a room that had features that helped keep our house warm and dry. The dioramas looked amazing with so much detailed included.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Poetry Recital

This week each child in Room 24 presented their poem. I was so impressed by how brave everyone was. Each child needed to think about reading at a good pace, using expression, maybe some actions and to try and look at the audience sometimes. Some children decided not to select a familiar poem from our Poetry Folders but choose their own poem. Some poems were funny and made us laugh. We have two definite finalists Stephanie and Jayan. One child is deciding, so the third person is not definite at this stage. A little step to stand on, a music stand and a bell helped set the scene.

Scootering today

 Room 24 went up first today Sootering with Andy. The children were put into four teams and assisted by the Travel Wise Leaders. Each team had a relay type activity with different challenges.
Children had to zig zag, stop at a pedestrian crossing, make an emergency stop and try and glide as far as they could. It was so much fun!!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Science Experiment with Mentos and Coke

As a follow-up to Science in a Van we tried one experiment. Mrs Michael's and Mrs Zhu assisted whilst Mrs Dijkstra took photos. It was a bit windy and in our second attempt it blew in the direction of Mrs Michael's. Mrs Dijkstra had a gadget called a geyser tube which helped funnel the force.
The reaction happened very quickly and was very exciting. We watched an explanation on YouTube to help us understand how and why the reaction happened.