Sunday, 24 June 2018


Using Glitter Gel Hama Beads we made butterflies which will be displayed 
in the Arts Exhibition
Using cardboard we cut and constructed a flower which was later printed in 
white onto black paper.

Mrs Dijkstra read us the big book "Cass the Colour Robber" we drew a scene from the story where all the colour had been zapped.  Our next blog post will show our second drawing where the Colour Robber has a change of heart and returns the colour, 
making everything rainbow.


  1. Your glitter Gel Hama Bead butterflies look spectacular. Looking forward to seeing your art in the display. Loved, loved, loved your ukulele item in assembly on Friday. What a talented bunch you are!

  2. I love how you integrated the Tinker Time beads with your artwork. Making the printing block was always a favourite part of the process for your artwork. I look forward to seeing them finished!