Thursday, 8 March 2018

Crossing the Road Safely

Yesterday Constable Hotter taught Room 24 how to cross the road safely. He talked about "Stop, Look and Listen" He reminded us to look both ways and to look for cars as well as bikes, motorbikes, trucks and buses. He reminded us to listen carefully and to walk smartly across the crossing whilst still looking both ways. Room 24 did this so sensibly and safely!
Lastly, he talked about his uniform and the different things attached to his belt and what they are used for. Everyone found it so interesting. Police help look after us!!


  1. Ka pai room 24 with learning about safe walking and crossing the road properly. Now is the chance for you to teach your family and younger brothers or sisters.

  2. Great that you are learning about road safety Room 24. You might have a younger brother or sister that you can teach.

  3. Well done Room 24. Lucas was sad he missed out on this last week as he was sick..

  4. Did you have any bad drivers Room 24? We did.....we had 3 people who didn't stop!!!!! Stay safe guys!
    From Mrs Burge